Road Narrows

directed by Fay Efrosini Lellios

Young Suzan left Greece to start her new life in America. As the years went by she saw her parents less and less, but their influence, stories, and her memories from Greece remained with her.

When the health of Suzan’s mother, Despina, worsens, Suzan makes what she thinks will be a quick trip to Mani to bring her mother back to the U.S. with her.


“Best Screenplay” – London Greek Film Festival (2011)

You can download the film’s Press Book (in Greek) below RN – Pressbook as a pdf file


    Greece, Spain, USA
  •  GENRE
    Family Drama
    Fay Efrosini Lellios
  •  CAST
    Marianna Polychronidi
    Antigone Gavriatopoulou, Emma Thompson, George Pelecanos
    Fay Efrosini Lellios, Eleutheria Karayianni Lellios