Immortal Law

directed by Aris Bafaloukas

Thanasis, an elderly writer at an early stage of dementia, is the only inhabitant of a deserted mountain village. He wanders alone in the alleyways ‘conversing’ with himself and with his fictional characters of his next book, Andreas and Eva.

His book is about two fugitives of a regime that prescribes an elixir of youth only to those of productive age and under very strict criteria. Andreas and Eva steal a box of the elixir and run away. They find a derelict wooden hat in a forest, near Thanasis’ village, and use it as their hideaway.

The reality is tangled with fiction, time is losing its linearity, and Andreas and Eve ‘are being’ formed through the falsified memory and the frustrations of Thanasis’ life.


    Greece, UK
    Aris Bafaloukas
  •  CAST
    Jean Marc Barr, Christos Stergioglou
    Antigone Gavriatopoulou
    Aris Bafaloukas