Dream Island

directed by Sofia Papachristou

By an unfortunate printing error, Pera Kassiros, a small Greek island lost somewhere in the Aegean Sea, is omitted from the new Atlas of the EU. The few remaining Perakassirians –people isolated and devided- raise hell and bring the matter to the Minister.

As the Minister is under extreme pressure by the financial troubles of the country, he gets the idea to sweep the whole thing under the carpet and sell Pera Kassiros to a Chinese consortium.

The Perakassirians –unsuspecting of the somber plans for their land – suddenly find themselves facing a fence dividing the island into two and making their life difficult. Now they will have to put aside their rivalries and unite if they want to save their island.

Development made possible with funding from the Greek Film Center.


    Greece, UK
  •  GENRE
    Sofia Papachristou
    Antigone Gavriatopoulou
    Sofia Papachristou