directed by Sofia Papachristou

Peter, an engineer working for a multinational of dubious environmental sensibilities, is sent to Pera Kassiros, an insignificant dot on the map, somewhere in the Aegean, to oversee the construction of an electrical power plant. Very soon, Peter realizes that conditions on the island are very different to what he was expecting. As time goes by, Peter is enchanted by the mysterious Areti. But meanwhile, and despite his best efforts, the project keeps going from bad to worse and Peter is finally forced to leave the island. However, shortly after his return to the company’s headquarters, things take an unexpected turn and Peter is faced with an agonizing moral dilemma: should he help the company use the project on Pera Kassiros as a front for the processing of its toxic waste or should he save the island that he has come to love?


    95 min
  •  GENRE
    Nova & S.M.Art-MEDIA
    Sofia Papachristou
  •  CAST
    Lars Brygmann (Peter), Mechthild Grossmann (Areti), Dimitris Piatas (Evdokimos), Jacqueline Corado da Silva (Tamila), Vassilis Nanakis (Babis), Ioanna Piata (Pelagia), Pelagia Fytopoulou (Efterpi), Nikos Zoiopoulos (Imvros), Vassilis Giavris (Menios), Tassos Antoniadis (Dinos), Christos Glykos (Simos), Antonis Vlisidis (Isidoros), Anna Dalaporta (Aunt Matina)
    Sofia Papachristou, Stavros Meleas
    Sofia Papachristou
    Yannis Drakoularakos
  •  SOUND
    Panos Papadimitriou
    Konstantinos Kourakos, Sofia Papachristou. 3D Animation: Αntonis Doussias
  •  MUSIC
    Marios Strofalis
    Katerina Miliaresi
  •  MAKE-UP
    Garyfalia Siori
    Sofia Papachristou, Thomas Müller