directed by Natasha Markou

Emmanuel Pappas (75) is dying and all he cares is how to bring his two estranged children, Andrew (52) and Alexandra (43), together again.

Andrew Pappas is in debt and visits his father, with his wife Martha and son Nicholas, after 24 years, to borrow money. On board, he finds out that Emmanuel died and left them a will. 86,400 euros will be given to the sibling who invests it in the best way in a single day. Fortunately for Andrew, his sister Alexandra is not there.

Andrew thinks how to get the 86,400, Martha has visions of Fanis (the diseased brother of Andrew and her first loive) and Alexandra arrives only to worsen matters. She knows that Nicholas is Fanis’ son.

Noone knows of the will’s catch: the 86,400 is not money, but the seconds of a day. This is the fortune they have to invest in the best possible way.


    Greece, UK
    London Production Studios
    Natasha Markou
    Natasha Markou, Antigone Gavriatopoulou
    Penny Philaktaki